What are some of the best parts of being an expat in Taiwan? What about some of the real challenges? FIEC alumni Daniel Glizer and Lian Lister connected over Zoom to have a conversation about some of their different experiences during their time living in Taiwan. Framed by a game of "Have you ever," the two shared some of their most unique and memorable experiences.

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What happens when you are planning to teach abroad and then a global pandemic hits? What is it like to move to a new country amidst the uncertainty? Is it even possible to go? These brave new teachers moved to Taiwan to teach in 2020. We asked them to tell us about their experience.

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Do you have some essential classroom items that you can’t imagine teaching without? We sure do! For our Ontario-based ESL program, we aim to recreate a classroom environment for students that would be similar to what they would experience in schools in Canada. While teachers have the freedom to make their classrooms their own to reflect their individual teaching style, there are some key elements that you’ll consistently find in each of our ESL classrooms across the program. Walk into an ESL classroom at any of our partner schools, and here are 10 essential elements that you are sure to spot.


Daniel, a high school teacher in our Ontario ESL program, shares how, through making connections to K-pop, learning Chinese, and discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants, he’s been able to grow personally and make the most of his experience teaching in Taiwan.

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Bittersweet (adj.): both pleasant and painful or regretful.

Saying goodbye to students is a bittersweet experience. The sweetness stems from seeing them successfully reach the end of a year-long journey, one filled with personal and academic growth. The bitterness bleeds from carving the word "former" in front of "students". These six letters represent the sobering realization that future reunions, no matter how joyful, won't replicate bygone days: the ordinary yet precious experience of seeing this particular cohort of bright-eyed students gathered together in our classroom for a regular day of class. That time has passed, run out, expired - preserved only in imperfect memories and paper trails.

In 2020, we saw the whole world drastically changed by the effects of COVID-19, while life in Taiwan remained relatively normal. We asked some of our teachers to describe how the global pandemic has impacted their teaching and daily lives in Taiwan.

Taiwan Healthcare

Going to see a doctor or dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience under any circumstances. Move to a new country, where you’re unfamiliar with the environment and the local language, and anxieties are amplified. Personally, hospital visits of any kind have always made my stomach churn and, when I first moved overseas, it was something I earnestly prayed that, as a relatively fit and healthy young person, I would be able to avoid as much as possible. 

The Accidental Teacher: How did I ever get into teaching English as a Foreign Language? by Jake Tobiyama

Jake, a high school teacher in our Ontario ESL program, recounts experiences living and working in Asia that led him to become an English (EFL/ESL) teacher, despite public speaking not coming to him naturally. 

If you could go anywhere in the world to teach, where would you choose to go? With so many options around the world to choose from, what makes Taiwan the right choice for our teachers?

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Luke, an elementary and support teacher with Foresight, reflects on valuable lessons learned inside and outside of the classroom while teaching abroad in Taiwan. 

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