What are some of the best parts of being an expat in Taiwan? What about some of the real challenges? FIEC alumni Daniel Glizer and Lian Lister connected over Zoom to have a conversation about some of their different experiences during their time living in Taiwan. Framed by a game of "Have you ever," the two shared some of their most unique and memorable experiences.


About Daniel: With a background in psychology and cognition as well as language learning, Daniel found his passion in the field of ESL. He initially went to Taiwan to work as a teacher with FIEC, planning to stay for a year and explore the island. The friendly culture, amazing nature, and delicious food proved impossible to leave so soon, and so he spent 2 additional years in Taiwan. He is currently working as a consultant for FIEC.

About Lian: Originally from rural Alberta, Lian has spent a number of years teaching in different parts of Asia, including Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. During her four years in Taiwan, she hiked many of Taiwan's beautiful high mountains, made friends with locals, and became conversational in Mandarin Chinese. She currently works as FIEC's Social Media Coordinator.

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