What are the required qualifications?

We are looking for qualified teachers who hold (1) a bachelor's degree or higher, (2) a government-issued teaching license, and (3) a passport from a country that has English as an official language, as per Taiwan's work permit requirements for foreign language teachers. 



I have a TESOL/CELTA/TEFL Certification. Am I eligible to teach in this program?

For our Ontario-based ESL program, we are looking for certified teachers who hold a teaching license issued by the government of an English-speaking country, particularly Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and South Africa. For teachers who do not hold a teaching license, but have other ESL qualifications and teaching experience, we may be able to recommend them for positions in local schools that we partner with, depending on availability. Interested applicants are welcome to apply, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.



I am from [country]. Am I eligible to teach in your program?

As per Taiwan's work permit requirements for English language teachers, you must hold a passport from a country that has English as an official language (eg. Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and South Africa, etc.). 



Do I have to be a native English speaker to teach in your program?

Not necessarily. As long as you meet the other qualifications, you are welcome to apply. Typically, in order to meet those qualifications, candidates have native or native-like English proficiency and strong command of the language. Many of our teachers also speak additional languages to English. 



Does your program only teach ESL, or other subject areas as well?

Our program is a robust ESL program focussed on students' English language development and learning skills. We also use other subject areas, such as art, physical education, health, and drama to expand student's language learning and apply it in diverse contexts, but the focus remains on learning and using English.



What if my background is not in English or ESL? Can I still teach in your program?

Yes! Our teachers come from diverse teaching backgrounds, from sciences, to music, to physical education, and not necessarily English or ESL. We provide ample professional development and support for teachers to be able to implement the curriculum effectively and develop skills for working with ELLs. Teachers will find that the skills they already have in their toolkit (such as for classroom management, lesson planning, differentiation, assessment and evaluation) will serve them well, and also be sharpened through their experience teaching abroad.




Who are we?

We are a Taiwanese company specializing in international education experiences for Taiwanese students and international teachers. We partner with leading international education specialists to deliver educational programs within Taiwanese schools while also creating opportunities for teachers from around the world.


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