Foresight International Education Center (FIEC) was founded in 1994 by CEO Tony Wu, with a vision to empower students to participate in today's global society by cultivating their international competencies. Foresight began with specializing in study abroad programs for public and private Taiwanese institutions, partnering with numerous secondary schools, universities, and institutes around the globe.

FIEC continued to pursue Tony’s vision by expanding its enterprise to include summer and winter ESL camps by partnering with schools in Taiwan and Boards of Education in Ontario. This unique partnership provided local students with the opportunity to further develop their English language skills in a learning environment similar to that of Ontario schools. The partnership also provided teachers from the partnering Ontario school boards the opportunity to further develop their skills in ESL instruction and to be introduced to Taiwan’s culture and way of life. Currently, these ESL camps are being run in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China (Shanghai). Additionally, FIEC has also expanded their services to include student exchanges and travel agency services, all with the aim of creating international education and travel opportunities for both students and educators.

In 2014, Foresight partnered with York Region District School Board (YRDSB) and Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) by organizing a visit to Taiwan's Ministry of Education, opening an opportunity for international professional development and collaboration. This goal was furthered by a week-long PD session held by YRDSB in Richmond Hill, Ontario for representatives from the Taipei City Department of Education and school principals from Taipei. The relationships established through this collaborative learning led to long-term partnerships between the groups involved and even greater projects.

Having seen great success with summer ESL camps, FIEC envisioned doing even more to provide students in Taiwan with opportunities to become global citizens. Having built meaningful relationships with school boards in Ontario, FIEC saw the opportunity to establish a full-time ESL program in local schools in Taiwan, and thus began their work on their Ontario based ESL program. Firstly, they partnered with Ontario curriculum experts to develop a robust ESL program and then invited principals from YRDSB to establish the local ESL program. In 2015, FIEC launched the Ontario-based ESL program in one local Taiwanese school with just two Canadian teachers.

Today, over 50 certified teachers are teaching the Ontario based program in Taiwanese elementary and secondary schools, and the program is expanding every year, including the addition of Shanghai Taiwanese Children's School in 2017.

In all its ventures, Foresight has continued to pursue its same vision, to empower students today for international success tomorrow.


Who are we?

We are a Taiwanese company specializing in international education experiences for Taiwanese students and international teachers. We partner with leading international education specialists to deliver educational programs within Taiwanese schools while also creating opportunities for teachers from around the world.


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