GRES carnival 7

 Who doesn't love a carnival? This weekend was the GuangRen Elementary School annual carnival fundraiser. The ESL Department worked together to create and host 4 carnival games to test their students' English ability while also having fun!

Not only was this a great collaborative moment for the ESL teaching team, it was a wonderful opportunity for teachers and students to build strong connections that they will carry forward into the classroom. Check out these photos for highlights of the day and the creative games the team put together!

GRES carnival 4

GRES carnival 8

GRES carnival 12

GRES carnival 11

GRES carnival 2

GRES carnival

GRES carnival 3

GRES carnival 5

GRES carnival 6

GRES carnival 9

GRES carnival 10

GRES carnival 13

GRES carnival 14

GRES carnival 15

GRES carnival 16

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