Local Schools: Our programs are implemented within local partner Taiwanese schools, offering teachers the opportunity to deliver international curriculum and work with an international team, but also to enjoy the authentic experience of teaching in a local school. Each of our partner schools has a designated ESL office for the teaching team and the majority of our teachers have their own classrooms. 


Small Class Sizes: While English teachers in Taiwanese public schools often see hundreds of students every week, our teachers teach the same students every day. This means teachers are able to get to know their students individually, build meaningful relationships, and make daily progress. Typically, a teacher in our program teaches only two classes, with each class around 18-20 students. 

Modern, Technologically-Equipped Classrooms: Our classrooms are fully equipped with projectors or Smartboards, as well as iPads for every student, to facilitate digital literacy for students and convenience for teachers. They are modelled after classrooms in Canada and are designed to flexibly facilitate individual, small group, and whole class learning.

A Generous Timetable with Lots of Prep Time: We understand that teachers need plenty of time to plan and prepare in order to deliver effective lessons and stay on top of their marking. We ensure that our teachers have ample regular planning time scheduled into their timetable to prep, co-plan with other teachers, and meet with the teaching team. While our teachers work regular school hours (roughly 8:30-16:00, depending on the school), their teaching hours do not exceed 22 hours per week. Having regular planning time during school hours also minimizes the amount of work teachers take home, so they can enjoy their personal time and make the most of their experience living abroad. 

Teach Content, Not Just Language: We believe that language is best learned in context. In addition to language and literacy instruction, our teachers also support students’ language learning by integrating other subjects in English, such as music, art, science, drama, and health (while some background knowledge of these content areas may be beneficial, no specializations or previous experience are required to teach these). 


About Us

We are a Taiwanese company specializing in international education experiences for Taiwanese students and international teachers. We partner with leading international education specialists to deliver educational programs within Taiwanese schools while also creating opportunities for teachers from around the world. Learn more.


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